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This information is archived
 Presentation of awards to eight new routes of the Council of Europe
For the occasion of the XXth anniversary of the cultural routes programme of the Council of Europe, a ceremony will take place in the Centre Culturel de Rencontre of Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg on 5 October.
european institute of cultural routes
Michel Thomas-Penette
23 September 2007

Il will be followed by a conference entitled : “Cultural routes: political tools for an increased visibility of the Council of Europe's values,? on 6 October.

These events will take place in the presence of permanent representatives of Member Countries of the Council of Europe and delegations of all the Routes, as well as elected representatives fom Le Puy-en-Velay.

A cultural routes fair is organised at the same time. Il will bring to a wider public brochures and leaflets and the concrete possibility to meet the operators.

This is the second great event of the XXth ANNIVERSARY OF THE CULTURAL ROUTES OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE, after the conference in Puy-en-Velay (27-30 September) and before the events in Santiago of Compostela (20-24 October).

The entrance is free. If you are interested to participate, please register!


Friday, 5 October, afternoon

5:00 p.m.

The President of the Cultural Meeting Center of Neumünster Abbey and the President of the European Institute of Cultural Routes welcome all participants in the Agora.

Visit to Neumünster Abbey

Viewing of the office of the European Institute of Cultural Routes

Inaugurating the Cultural Routes Exhibition (Room A21 and the foyer). Stands with brochures, books, guides, and video presentations will be at your disposition to increase your understanding of the cultural routes.

A display prepared by the Phoenician Route on the paintings of David Orler will complete the exhibition, which will be open to the public all day, 5-6 October.

The project organizers will be present to respond to any questions the ambassadors might have.

6:30 p.m.

Robert Krieps Room

Award ceremony

“Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe?

Via Regia

“Cultural Route of the Council of Europe?

Via Carolingia
Iron Route in Central Europe
Don Quixote
The Phoenician Route
Route of Migration Heritage
Route of Saint Michael

Speech from Robert Palmer, Director of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage, DG IV, Council of Europe.

Speech from the representatives of the Luxembourg Ministries

Presentation of the 20th Anniversary Programme of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe – diorama

Presentation of the awards

Five-minute speech by the accepting representative for each route

Aperitif in room A21, in the surroundings of the Cultural Routes exhibition

Saturday, 6 October, morning

Robert Krieps Room

9:00 a.m.

Seminar: “Cultural routes: political tools for an increased visibility of the Council of Europe's values,?

Opening by the Secretary of State of Culture, Higher Education and Research of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Opening by Robert Palmer, Director of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage, Council of Europe.

Speech from the President of the Cultural Routes’ Orientation Council, Roberta Alberotanza.

Speech by the Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Michel Thomas-Penette.

Group speech from three elected officials along the Via Francigena: Harry Cragg, representative of the Mayor of Canterbury, André Flajolet, Deputy from Artois-Lys, and Massimo Tedeschi, Mayor of Salso Maggiore.

9:45 p.m.

Cultural Routes: intercultural dialogue tools, democratic security instruments

Al-Andalus and the Mediterranean dialogue by Jeronimo Paez-Lopez, Director of the Al-Andalus Foundation, Oumama Aouad Lahrech, Director of the Hispanophone Lusophone and Studies Institute, Rabat, Morocco, and Talal Saba Saleh Akasheh, archeologist, Jordan.

Jewish Heritage, route of memory and of inter-religious dialogue by François Moyse, President of AEPVPJ.

The Olive Routes, routes of peace, by Marinella Katsilieri, Cultural Director and Coordinator of the Route of the Olive Tree.

Coffee Break

The Phoenician Routes, inter-culturality and dialogue with a common heritage, Antonio Barone, Director of GEIE Rotta dei Fenici.

The Via Regia, dialogue between East and West by Jörgen Fischer and a representative from Poland.

The Cultural Routes in the Caucacus by

Karine Hakobian, the Book Route, Armenia (subject to change).
Nazim Samadov, Alexander Dumas Route, Azerbaidjan (subject to change)


12:15 p.m. Conclusions

Transfer to Dudelange

Visit to the ReTour de Babel exhibition

Launching of the European Week of Migration Heritage – presentation by the Dudelange Magistrate and Antoinette Reuter, Study Centre of Human Migrations, responsible for the route of migration heritage.

Lunch – Buffet (offered by the CDMH)

Return to Strasbourg for the ambassadors

Optional Programme

3:00 p.m.

Dudelange – Echternach

Guided visit to Echternach – visit to the Abbey Museum

Transfer to Niederweiss - Irrel (a Castle in Germany along the German Luxembourgish Cultural Route Doppeladler)

6:00 p.m.
Guest Reception in the Niederweis Castle Grand Hall

Greetings by Roby Lehnertz, President of the German-Luxembourgeois Nature Reserves

Project Presentation by Prof. Andreas Kargermeier, University of Trier, and Prof. Dr. Georges Calteux, Echternach Tourist Office: “Two Heads Eagle,? and the influence of Echternach Abbey on the rural baroque from Junglinster to Bitburg.

Concert from the Tuba-Cello Consortium: “Ten tableaus of a common history?

Conclusion by Hans-Michael Bröhl, Mayor of the Irrel Municipality

Aperitif, diner, and concert in the Castle’s historic Barn.
What ?
When ?
from 05/10/2007 to 06/10/2007
By whom ?
European Institute of Cultural RoutesTour Jacob - Plateau du Rham
00 352 241 250
00 352 241 176
 Sorina Capp
Conditions of participation
Translation: french - english.

Free entrance on registration.
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If you want to receive a personnal invitation, please send a mail in clicking on Reserve.

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