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The Council for Cultural Co-operation took note of the theme in 1990 following a meeting of introduction and presentation of the route and a talk by André Tubeuf.

It was inaugurated in May 12 - 14, 1991 in Prague at the time of the presentation of a photography exhibition.

Signature of Mozart

goals and objectives

This topic brought about specific and eventful actions (exhibitions, concerts...) highlighting Mozart's itinerant life in Europe, during 1991, the anniversary of the bicentenary of the composer's death. One of its initial objectives was that of connecting Mozartian cities.


From 1992 until today, the topic has not been developed. Only some music festivals (Fénétrange and Zeist, for example) were the circumscribed to the topic.

Birth house of Mozart

On behalf of the Institute, at the request of the Orientation Council of Cultural Routes, this route is the object of analysis within the framework of general thinking about the proposals for routes concerning European characters. It could profit from a revival, through a network of cities which, in 2006, wish to celebrate the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Mozart's birth and which started to work on a project entitled "Mozart-Wege in Europa/ Mozart-Ways in Europe". This would certainly be the occasion for constituting the network envisaged in 1991.


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