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The route of Parks and gardens produced a diversified methodological application in all Europe.

The book "The garden's secrets. A travel through Europe" published in 1999 gives an outline of twelve gardens and twelve cross topics.

memory and pedagogy

Royal domain and mansion of Mariemont,
Belgium during mining industry.
Document Mariemont museum

From all the suggestions made by experts, one imagines easily that the actions undertaken by the partners of the Council of Europe and of the Institute were primarily concerned with the question of reactivation of memory and with pedagogy.

The conclusions drawn from several meetings accommodated by the Royal Museum of Mariemont in Belgium from 1993 to 1996 made the Council of Europe and the Institute create a network of ignored gardens as well as school networks. Thanks to the financial assistance of the Institute and within the framework of the campaign "Europe, a common heritage", fifteen school establishments work together today, in a perfectly multidisciplinary way, in France, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain, starting from an essential work for the history of the gardens: " The Dream of Poliphilia ".

Poliphilia in the dark forest

lesser-known gardens

At the same time it also seemed significant to choose emblematic gardens among those which - perhaps less known than others - modified, in the places where they were conceived and situated, social relations or the meaning of space, those that also played a symbolic role and one of reawakening memory. They constituted the basis of the choice carried out in the work "The garden's secrets. A travel through Europe". For example a restored garden, such as "The lost gardens of Heligan" in Cornwall, a garden of the religious memories of Europe "The garden of the three cultures" in Madrid, a symbolic garden, which will be placed on two banks of the Rhine in Strasbourg: "The garden of two banks", the wild moving garden of Gilles Clément in the urban space, on the sides of the Lausanne subway in Switzerland, the ethnobotanical garden on the relations of man and plants in Salagon, France or, finally, the history garden that recapitulates all the gardens of the world in Terrasson in the Dordogne, "The gardens of the imaginary".

from west to east

It is with the town of Terrasson, the Arts Centre and "The gardens of the imaginary" that the Institute developed a network centre for European co-operation projects. After having launched a book show on the gardens and the imaginary and after having organised, with the Institute, the first East-West meetings between landscape gardeners and patrimony specialists, the town of Terrasson opened a "European Cultural Centre of Gardens and Landscape", resource centres, places for meetings and education, combining a programme of animation with a programme that connected professional experience likely to answer some of the questions posed by landscape development on the European territory.

In 2002 several exploratory missions were organised by the Centre and the Institute in Lithuania and Hungary. In 2002 they led to a seminar of European experience sharing concerning the restoration of historical gardens, the creation of new gardens, the launching of tourism and the requirements in terms of education.

Co-operation on the topic of the landscape was also started by the Institute with the Centre of Trielle in Cantal, France, in 1998. It has at the same time turned towards working on the relationship of the landscape to artistic creation and on scientific approach for students, and towards the training of elected officials and administrators in charge of landscapes and great protected sites.

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