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This information is archived
 The Colmar Forum 2012
25 years of Council of Europe cultural routes
Cultural Routes Annual Advisory Forum, 22-23 November 2012, Colmar, France
european institute of cultural routes
Elena Dubinina
03 October 2012
The 2012 Advisory Forum will be held in Colmar at the invitation of the Ministry for Craft Industries and Trades, Commerce and Tourism and the Ministry for Culture and Media of France. The event is co-organised by the European Institute of Cultural Routes and the Upper Rhine Tourism Development Agency. This year, the Forum will celebrate a quarter of a century of Council of Europe cultural routes since the Declaration of Santiago de Compostela in 1987.
Participants are representatives of the Council of Europe’s 24certified cultural routes and new candidates, representatives of member states, of the European Union, UNESCO, OECD and WTO, as well as academics, experts and cultural tourism professionals.
The Forum is an annual occasion to take stock of the activities of the routes and to discuss current challenges for the European route networks, focused around presentations and debates during plenary sessions and in four parallel workshops. The following key themes will be explored over the two days of the Forum:
- international organisations and cultural heritage: what prospects for cooperation?
- from Santiago to Colmar: new policies and strategies for sustainable cultural routes management
- cultural routes and local and regional development : achievements and potential in European regions
- cultural routes of the future – the new “ways?
At the Forum the routes will elect a representative who will request observer status in the decision-making bodies of the Council of Europe’s programme. A declaration targeting increased interaction and synergies between all stakeholders will be proposed for adoption. In addition, three new candidates for certification will present their projects: the artistic and cultural heritage of the Habsburgs; totalitarian architecture of the 20th century in Europe; and the cycling route along the former Iron Curtain.

Contact the Institute for more information:
What ?
Where ?
Colmar, France
When ?
from 22/11/2012 to 23/11/2012
from 09:00 to 19:00
By whom ?
European Institute of Cultural Routes
Abbaye de Neumünster Bâtiment Robert Bruch 28, rue
2160 Luxembourg
 Elena Dubinina

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