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 TUSCANY: the website of the day - Medici Archive
The Medici archive project presents the Medici Ducal Archive on internet.
european institute of cultural routes
Claire Pinault
14 April 2004
The archive

The archive of the Medici Grand Dukes is one of the greatest yet least known Medici monuments. Established by the Grand Duke Cosimo I in 1569, it offers the most complete record of any princely regime in Renaissance and Baroque Europe. Since this Archive consists mostly of letters (nearly three million filling a full kilometer of shelf-space), it offers an incomparable panorama of two-hundred years of human history. However, this unique documentary resource has never been catalogued and indexed, nor microfilmed and accessed by electronic means. Only now, with The Medici Archive Project, is it fulfilling its potential to revolutionise our understanding of the past.

The project
The Project has chosen three issues focusing on three of the Medici Granducal Archive's main sources:
- documentary sources for the arts and humanities
- history of costume and textiles
- Jewish history, religion and culture

The Project has three relevant publications in preparation:

Documents for Jewish History, Religion & Culture in the Medici Granducal Archive,

The Prehistory of the Florentine Ghetto A Separate Place,

An Archival Sourcebook for the Jewish Ghetto in Florence

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