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This information is archived
 El año Jacobeo 2004: a news for one year
20 Years: in 1984, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe proposed a Recommendation for a new programme of cultural routes and chose the pilgrim ways to Compostela as a model.
european institute of cultural routes
Michel Thomas-Penette
25 July 2004
Twenty years after, the New Año Jacobeo will certainly be one of the most successfull in terms of frequentation along the paths.

We he one year in front of us to tell our readers, through a series of news, the evolution of the astonishing relations between history, legends, the after-war rediscovery in the 50s' and the official labels raised during the 80's and 90's.

This means a series of episodes but also a series of links toward articles prepared last year in our site by the David Parou Foundation as well as toward useful books and guidebooks.

On December 31st 2003 the door was opened...


30 December 2003: News: El año Jacobeo 1: Burgos is ready

3 January 2004 : El año Jacobeo 2: The David Parou Foundation

9 January 2004 : El año Jacobeo 3: The March of the Union of Jacquaires Associations

20 January 2004: the french bulletin Camino N°17 and the two previous ones are on line

5 February: Press Release on Galicia to download.

15 February Camino N°18

28 February: The pathway Piedmont Ariège-Pyrenees

13 March: El año Jacobeo 4 : General Assembly of the Union des Associations jacquaires de France.

2 April: Europa Compostela, a major scheme of the Union des Associations jacquaires de France.

25 April: Camino 19 and 20.

30 April: Pilgrimage with baby.

23 May: Exhibition on Ribeira Sacra

5 June: don't miss the last book of Cees Nooteboom.

10 June: Encouners of Longpont-sur-Orge 3-4 July 2004.

1st July: The multimedia show "Temps d'histoires pour Compostelle" takes place between 13 and 28 July in Saint Amant de Boixe, France.

8 July: the history of Roncevaux Pass

18 July: the four last issues of Camino 21, 22, 23 and 24

25 July: Europa Compostela is going its way day by day

4 August: the Musical Ensemble La Fenice is on the Route with a specific program: Il Camino de Santiago

10 August: Santiago for Brasilians

20 August: A seminar hel in Portugal November 2000

22 August: A new heading on our site: steps to Compostela

23 August: Camino N°25

28 August: A DVD FILM FORMAT by Bruno Tassan on the Way of Arles

30 August: Exhibition of Manuel Ruibal 'Campo de estrelas' in the Park of Music of Compostela.

15 September: A new page of the website, ways in Galicia.

24 September: Prince of Asturias Award.

8 December: some images of Europa Compostella.

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 editorial content
 A founding theme
  How the first European Route was born.
 Pilgrimage, a present phenomenon
  5 pages of the David Parou Foundation in order to better understand history.
 steps to compostela
  A new heading.
 ways in galicia
 El año Jacobeo 1
  Burgos municipality is ready.
 El año Jacobeo 2
  A scientific file for clear and precise explanations.
 El año Jacobeo 3
  March of the French Jacquaires Union.
 To protect the Portico of Glory
 Practical Compostela
  Piedmont Ariège-Pyrenees.
 El año Jacobeo 4
  General Assembly of the Union of Associations jacquaires de France.
 Europa Compostela 2004
  Encounter of 3 - 4 July 2004.
 The history of the Roncevaux pass
 Europa Compostela
  The follow the action day by day!
 Il Camino de Santiago
  The Musical Ensemble La Fenice.
 O Portal Peregrino
  A portal on Santiago from Brasil.
 Saint James in Portugal
  Some echoes of a seminar that took place in Portugal in November 2000.
 'Campo de estrelas'
 Award Prince of Asturias
 Ribeira Sacra
 Temps d'histoires...
  ...pour Compostelle.
 Compostela's history
 Following the way
 The Pilgrims signs
 Europa Compostella
  Images of the adventure.
 Heritage protection
  The policy protection for Heritage of the Xunta de Galicia.
 Camino N°17
 Tourism in Galicia
  Press release on Galicia.
 Camino N°18
 Camino N°19
 Camino N°20
  Pilgrimage with baby.
 Camino N°21
 Camino N°22
 Camino N°23
 Camino N°24
 Camino N°25
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 Les routes de Compostelle
 Saint Jacques à Compostelle
 In the footsteps of saint James
  For the public at large.
 Compostela and saint James
  A remarkable thesis of Denise Péricard-Méa.
 Saint James of Compostela's ways
  Gallimard Guidebook.
 Agenda des chemins de Compostelle
  The Calendar 2004.
 The pilgrim's Labyrinth
  The last book of Cees Nooteboom.


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