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 Histoire et civilisations de la Méditerranée
This book does not claim to tell the detailed history of about twenty five countries of the Mediterranean Sea but it urges the reader to rediscover this "sea of the middle", matrix of our common roots.
european institute of cultural routes
Aurore Mallet
27 October 2010
Support: book
Media's author : Michel Renouard
Language : French
Editor : Ouest France
Publishing year : 2006
ISBN/ISSN : 2.7373.3655.4

127 pages
Dimensions : 19,5cm x 26cm x 1cm
Of the Trojan War in the fall of Tobruk of the trumpets of Jericho in the roarings of sirens in Vatletta, some freeze frames will allow to find what unites and separates the peoples who, today, live on its enchanted banks. The languages and the alphabets. Egypt of the Pharaohs. The Greek civilization. Roman Empire. The Judaism, the Christianity and the Islam...

On the way, we shall find the Hittites, the Phoenician, the Pharaohs, the Hebrew, the Cretans, the Greeks, the Etruscan, the Berbers, Romain, the Gypsies, the Venetians, the Armenians, the Arabs and the Turks.

In the course of pages, the reader will cross Hercule, Homère, Toutankhamon, Alexander the Great, saint Paul, emperor Constantin, Champollion, Lesseps, Atatürk, father of Foucauld, Herzl, Rommel and many of the others, without forgetting these writers who, since the Renaissance, choose nostrum Puddle as decoration. The Mediterranean Sea is, certainly, a geographical reality and a link, but it is at first and especially one of the high places of the humanity, the cradle of our culture, our founding myths, our values and our dreams.

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