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This information is archived
 Festival of the Flying Bridges
For the price of one Easter egg the visitors can cross over the Rhine by ferry-boat.
european institute of cultural routes
Laura Heftrich
18 March 2009
St. Goar on the left side and St. Goarshausen on the right side.

The festival has its origins in a former custom of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley: During the whole year the passengers of St. Goar and St. Goarshausen were allowed to cross over the Rhine by ferry-boat for free.

The ferry-boat got the name of "Flying Bridge" because since the 16th century it was pulled over the river and that appeared so fast to the citizens that they thougt they would "fly".

On the two riversides will be several events like a Middle-Age market and concerts.
What ?
Where ?
St. Goar et St. Goarshausen
When ?
from 13/04/2009 to 13/04/2009
from 11:00 to 18:00
By whom ?
Tourist-Information St. Goar
Heerstra├če 86
56329 St. Goar
(0049) 6741/383
(0049) 6741/7209

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