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This information is archived
 The local action group Miselerland

The local action group Miselerland was created in 2003 and renamed local action group LEADER Miselerland in 2007.

european institute of cultural routes
Claire Soriano
04 August 2010
The region

The LAG brings 16 communes and 26 associations from the cantons of Remich and Grevenmacher together, that are willing to contribute to the economic, cultural and identity development of the Miselerland. It covers 260 km² and counts 35.000 inhabitants.

The projects of the Miselerland are implemented within the framework of the EU-programme LEADER 2007-2013.


Going to the Miselerland for holidays

Bicycle touring in the Miselerland ©

One of the preoccupations of the local action group is to let people discover the Miselerland as a great tourist destination. Because of that it decided to change the Miselerland-magazine into another with more information about the region, the tourist offers and the cultural activities… All those information are also available on the website of the Miselerland.
The main activity of the action group is to develop the bicycle touring within the project « Velofueren am Miselerland » which objective is to let the Miselerland become the destination par excellence for doing bicycle touring. On the website of the Miselerland (section tourism) you will find a lot of maps of the different bicycle routes. You can also fin information about the places in the cantons of Grevenmacher and Remich where you will be able to rent bicycles on the link at the right side of this page.
The local ginger group also wants to develop the aquatic tourism in the region.

Moreover the ginger group protects the orchards, that have a “important cultural, educational and tourist value? according to the responsible person of the ginger group Philippe Eschenauer. It is a question of developing the family tourism in the orchards. The ginger group intends creating a nature discovery centre “Pomarium?, that will enable the group to make visitors aware of the fruit heritage thanks to 4 main topics: education, adventure, research and products.

The regional products of the Miselerland

The LAG encourages the regional production in the Miselerland. The region possesses a great variety of products like fruits, juices, distilled products, jam, honey but also meat, cheese, bread, wine, mushroom and legumes. The LEADER-programme enables the development of quality labels like the yellow label „Initiativ Bongert“ of the foundation « Hëllef fir d’Natur ». This label is awarded to cultivators who adopted a durable management for their ochards. The label helps them having the best selling prize. The label of the Luxembourg association for biological agriculture was awarded to 6 firms working in the field of biological production of the Miselerland.


The economic activity of the Miselerland

Ahn ©

The LAG encourages the economic development of the Miselerland while emphasizing its economic activities. The region offers great opportunities of shopping with different products for example regional products, clothes, books or craftwork’s products. Lists of the Miselerland shopkeepers and craftsmen as well as the local market days are available on the website of the Miselerland in “commerce?.

The citizen commitment of the local ginger group

The LAG Miselerland in cooperation with the GAL Redange-Witz sets up regularly international exchanges about environmental protection. It also works at the organization of cultural activities for dependent people with the help of the Senior Club « Muselheem » within the framework of the project "Kultur fir jiddfereen".

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