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 Culture Routes in Turkey
Cultural routes do not stop at the borders of Europe. Turkey has a growing number, two of which are extend deep into Europe. More than 15 are recognised at present, and there websites to inform you about them all.
european institute of cultural routes
Aurore Mallet
22 February 2012
Turkey is a huge country, with thousands of years of history, dramatic landscapes, and friendly and hospitable people. Members of the Turkish Culture Routes Working Group (soon to have legal status as a Society) have created a network of long-distance, historical and nature routes running along coasts, over mountains, through forests and across plains. The routes utilise ancient roads as well as goatpaths, vary in difficulty, and are open to horse riders, hikers and bikers. Many have dedicated guidebooks and a full set of GPS waypoints, and more will be available soon; some routes are waymarked/signposted, and this work is in progress on others.

The website of Culture Routes in Turkey provides essential information on the routes—where they are located and which season to travel them; route standards and how to make a route; practical information about tour operators and how to access the routes, as well as hints on the rich flora and fauna along them. You will also find links to media reports and, importantly, can buy the guidebooks online.
Individual websites for each route are linked to the main site, and provide more detailed information about matters such as accommodation along the way.

Principles underlying the establishment of Turkey's Culture Routes:
· the routes are sustainable, and not for motorised travel
· many of the routes have sections following original Phrygian, Roman or Ottoman road, and this historical integrity needs official protection
· most routes pass through sites of special cultural or natural interest, and their presence will add weight to efforts to preserve these sites
· route-makers hope to encourage city people to leave their homes and cars behind for a while and discover the treasures in provincial towns and the countryside; they also wish to provide an alternative holiday destination to Turkey's coastal resorts
· local people living along the routes must benefit from the services such as accommodation and meals that they provide to the users of the routes—route-makers have no financial interest in the routes
· the routes are an important means of showcasing Turkey's historical riches, unspoilt countryside and, most of all, the country's welcoming people.

Turkey's Culture Routes:
· Lycian Way - Turkey’s first long-distance route, around the coast of Lycia
· St Paul Trail - follows the Roman roads used by St Paul on his first journey
· Abraham's Path - links places associated with the memory and spirit of the Patriarch Abraham in and around Şanlıurfa, SE Turkey, and through the Middle East
· Kackar Mountains Trails - run through some of Turkey’s highest and botanically richest mountains
· Via Egnatia - follows the two-millenia old road between Rome and Byzantium
· Sultan's Trail - commemorates Sultan Süleyman I's 1529 campaign to conquer Vienna
· Evliya Çelebi Way - follows the 1671 pilgrimage journey of the eponymous Ottoman traveller; Turkey's first long-distance equestrian route, also for hikers and bikers
· Phrygian Way - passes through the Phrygian valleys and the territory of the legendary King Midas
· Carian Trail - a new coastal route linking major sites of the Roman and Hellenistic world
· Hittite Trails - treks through the lands of the Hittite civilisation, including the Unesco World Heritage site of Hattusha
· Independence Trail - commemorates the Turkish war of Independence, 1919-23
· Küre Mountains National Park Trails - a unique area of Turkey with a distinctive microclimate, flora and fauna.
· Yenice Forest and Eskipazar Trails - one of the WWF’s 100 ‘hot spot’ regions of extraordinary biodiversity requiring immediate protection
· Kızılırmak River Basin Gastronomy and Trekking Routes (in Turkish)- features the traditional cuisine and the undiscovered natural beauty of Çorum province
· Kars-Sarıkamış Trekking Routes (in Turkish) - walks in the mountains and pine forests of Sarıkamış, NE Turkey, a popular ski resort
· Walks in Turkey - mostly networks of day walks, some of which are based around long-distance trails

Caroline Finkel

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