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This information is archived
 Dissertation Topic : Swinoujscie - San Bartolomeo, Enquête frontalière
To complete a dissertation topic in architecture studies, Nicolas Pannetier and Simon Brunel have chosen to conduct a research on the disappearance of the internal borders, following the Schengen agreement.
european institute of cultural routes
16 December 2007

It is the transition between the enclosure and an opening space with its symbolical and physical outcome that enhanced their attention. It appeared important for them to collect the memory of these places because they have no longer the same meaning. Indeed they were related to a border which has today disappeared.

This project is interesting because of the way it relates space, memory and identity. From July the 26th to October the 6th of 2006, Nicolas Pannetier and Simon Brunel travelled through the geographical incarnation of this fanciful line and its 237 check-points with their camera and their sound recorder. They gathered in a catalog the various expressions of this borders by means of practices, town-planning and architecture.

This project of study has been presented during the 20th anniversary of the Cultural Routes Programme of the Council of Europe, from the September the 27th to September the 30th of 2007 in Le Puy-en-Velay.

You may download their dissertation topic with the link on your right.

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 Doc Research: schengen borders
 Świnoujście – San Bartolomeo
  Multilingual summary.


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